Modular scaffolding system

Our offer includes an innovative, independent scaffolding system which has replaced the commonly used tubular scaffold. The modular system sets a new standard in builder efficiency as it can be tailored to meet the most complex applications. It is perfectly fit for sphere- or round-shaped constructions, such as towers, boilers, and tanks.

The scaffolding can be implemented in factory plants with a large number of installations, pipelines (refineries, shipyards etc.); or in shipbuilding industry, power engineering and other branches of industry in a form of a free-standing tower scaffolding. The system is often applied to church towers’ works or used inside as elevation work platforms for renovation works. It is also employed in the process of assembly of stages and stands in art and entertainment venues. The unique design features of the modular scaffolding make it perfectly compatible with the frame scaffolding. This means that the design of components of both systems allows many of them to be applied either in frame or modular scaffolding systems (adjustable stands, joints, platforms, girders, and others).

Special boards with holes play the role of rotary joints. They are welded to vertical tubes of the stands every 0.5m outside which the ends of spandrel beams are found. One ring with holes can fit up to 8 spandrel beams or couplings. The final shape of the scaffolding is the product of a versatile system of spandrel beams and wedges; whereas, the scaffolding network size is preserved by the application of special, perfectly-sized holes that fit spandrel beams and maintain proper angles. All of the above is of great importance when erecting round and complex scaffolding

The modular scaffolding system has been issued a B/02/045/05 Safety Certificate by the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining, Warsaw, Poland.