Mobile scaffolding

In order to make sure that we live up to our customers’ expectations, a whole family of innovative mobile scaffoldings have been developed. They are an alternative to frame and modular scaffolding systems which had been referred to previously. The mobile scaffolding is designed for construction works and assembly inside and outside buildings – virtually in all situations in which quick and frequent change of place is essential. It is ideal for fitting, air-conditioning, as well as finishing and anticorrosive works etc.

All of the mobile scaffoldings are highly adaptable as the same standard components fit every one of the series. Due to the employment of self-locking clamps there is no need to use any equipment for the assembly, dismantlement and reconstruction, which are fast and hassle-free. High quality aluminium imparts lightness and exceptional durability. The use of adjustable scaffold castors, 200 and 125mm in diameter, guarantee easiness of handling; when a scaffold has been placed in a desired position the movable wheels are secured with a foot-brake. What is more, a precise setting of the scaffold is possible thanks to adjustable stands which allow exact levelling of the construction. Stability of the construction is guaranteed by versatile and extensible mobile beams and by bearings.

Aluminium frames are composed of rungs. Since the rungs are ribbed they ensure safety to people climbing the scaffolding. Such a construction allows making height adjustments since platforms can be fixed every 27.5cm across the whole height range. Having dismantled the scaffolding it requires minimum space for storage or transport. The mobile scaffolding has been issued a B/02/044/05 Safety Certificate by the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining, Warsaw, Poland.


Scaffolding type Platform size (m) Staging height (m) Staging operational load (kN/m2)
MP MINI 1,80 x 0,75 0,90-3,53 2 kN/m2
MP 600 1,80 x 0,75 2,32-5,07 2 kN/m2
MP 800 1,80 x 1,50 2,17-11,80 2 kN/m2
MP 1000 2,80 x 0,75 2,32-11,95 2 kN/m2
MP 2000 2,85 x 1,50 2,17-10,85 2 kN/m2
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